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Duration: 29 days and 28 nights

In this itinerary with a duration of 28-days trip through Northern Ethiopia, we will discover historic cities such as Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and Bahir Dar, moving to remote times of spirituality where the most incredible mysteries of Christianity were protected. The beautiful natural environment of northern Ethiopia with its impressive mountain ranges offers us a unique opportunity to enter one of the most majestic landscapes of the African continent.

We will discover the Abyssinian Rift valley, surrounded by immense mountains and deep cracks and canyons produced by the slow volcanic rock erosion, which has greatly hampered access to the Omo River delta for decades. This physical difficulty to access this region has allowed the tribes that inhabit the Omo Valley to be isolated, not only from the rest of Ethiopia, but from the rest of the world, thus offering a unique experience for the traveler.

Day 1.

Arrive Addis Ababa be welcomed by your guide on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Air Port, and transfer-in to hotel.

O/N Hotel.

Day 2.

Early in the morning drive to Langano (Rift Valley) visit Abyata and Shala National Park.

O/ Night resort.

Day 3.

After breakfast drive to Arba Minch on the rout visit the people of Dorze who are known for their huge bamboo huts, and colourful cotton clothes. O/Night,

Lodge at Arba Minch.

Day 4.

Boat Trip at Lake Chamo to visit where you can visit display of big African Crocodiles, hippos, and various low land water birds.,

O/night  Lodge.

Day 5.

Drive to Jinka Via Konso. Visit “New York” village, the Konsos are famous by their totems & making teraz to protect their land. Then we continue to Jinka on the way Visit the most colourful multicultural market in the Lower Omo Valley at Key Afer if the day is Thursday – which is attended by the tribal groups of Ari, Benna, and Tsemai,

O/N Lodge.

Day 6.

Drive Jinka to Mago National Park. Visit the Mursi tribal village and you will have an excursion to the Mago National Park and visit the people of Mursi who are typically known for the clay lip plates of the women. Then, drive back to Jinka and after lunch drive to Turmi.

O/Night  Lodge

Day 7.

Turmi is a base of our stay for next days to visit the Omo valley. The settlement of Hamer people With the Stop off at Dimeka to visit the other interesting weekly cultural market (Saturdays) of the Hamer and the Benna people. After dinner at your hotel, you will be driven to the nearby village of the Hamer people to see the traditional dances of the Hamer people – the Evangadi Dance.

O/Night  Lodge

Day 8.

After breakfast drive to Karo village to visit the Karo tribe village which are known for decorating their Body.

O/N  Lodge.

Day 9.

Early In the morning, you will have an excursion to Omo Rate to visit the Dasenech people are known for their scarification’s, you will cross the Omo river by Wood boats. Then drive back to Turmi afternoon visit Hamer village.

O/N  Lodge.

Day 10.

Drive Turmi to Yabelo via Konso on the way Visit the  Borena tribal villages.

O/N  Motel.

Day 11.

Excursion to Chwe bet to visit the salt mine & singing well of Borena pastoralists, water is retrieved from these Wells communally, by a row of up to 50 men who sing and chant as they pass buckets from one to the other and afternoon visit the Borena people.

O/Night Yabelo Motel.

Day 12.

Drive north to the Rift Valley Lakes of Lake Awasa. On our route we will visit the Sidama villages.

O/N. Resort in Awasa.

Day 13.

Early in Morning visit the fish market near the lake and drive to Addis.

O/Night  hotel.

Day 14.

During the day sightseeing in Addis to visit the National, Archeological Museum of Addis Ababa and Merkato – the largest open air market in Africa.

O/N Hotel.

Day 15.

Drive to Bahir Dar, on the way we visit the monastery of Debre Lebanos and the Blue Nile canyon.

O/Night  hotel.

Day 16.

In the Morning boat excursion on Lake Tana to visit the churches of Lake and Peninsula UrraKidane Mihret, Azua Mariam & Kibran Gebriel after lunch drive to Blue Nile Falls and visit the blue nile falls.

O/Night  hotel.

Day 17.

Early in the morning drive to Gondar, on the way we visit the palace of Sertse Dingil, afternoon, Visit the ‘Royal Compound’ with many majestic castles constructed in the European middle age architectural style, the ‘Bath of Emperor Fasiladas’, and finally Debre Birhan Sillassie church (‘Trinity at the mount of light’) that is the finest of the Gonderine churches.

O/Night  hotel.

Day 18.

Early in the morning drive to the Semen Mountains National Park with a stop at the village of the Falasha (Ethiopian Jews)

O/Night  Lodge.

Day 19.

During the day Hiking in the Simien mountain national park to enjoy mountain scenery & fauna.

O/Night,  Lodge.

Day 20.

Drive to Axum via Limalimo through Semien mountains & Tekeze river Gorge.

O/Night  hotel in Axum.

Day 21.

During the day sightseeing in Axum, St. Mary of Zion Church, Stele compound, Ruin palaces, archeological museum & tombs.

O/Night  hotel.

Day 22.

Drive to Adigrat on the way visit the Yeha temple and Debre-Damo monastery.

O/Night  Lodge

Day 23.

Drive to Hawzen (Geralta), on the way to visit churches of Abraha We Astbeha, Abune yemata Guh, Mariam Korkor Etc..

O/Night  Lodge

Day 24.

Drive to Mekele on our way to Mekele visit the country’s first Mosque, Negash, Wukro Cherkos (semi monolithic rock hewn church).

O/Night Hotel in Mekele.

Day 25.

Drive to Lalibela via Korem Mountain escenary.

 O/Night hotel.

Day 26.

Sightseeing in the holy city of Lalibela. The first, the second & the third groups of Lalibela Churches.

 O/Night  Hotel.

Day 27.

Excursion to the Monasteries of Neakuto LEAB and Ymrehane Kristos.

O/Night hotel .

Day 28.

Drive to Kombolcha, on the way visit various villages &  Hayk Estifanos Monastery of Lake Hayk.

O/night  hotel.

Day 29.

Drive to Addis, Relax, Shopping & evening farewell dinner in traditional restaurant with folkloric music that you are invited by representative of KARIBU and fly back.





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