Ethiopia is the Country of endless diversity. Karibu Ethiopia Tours offers you to discover one of the most colorful customs, a Multi-cultural nation whose varied heritage is reflected in its ceremonies, faiths and languages.

Ethiopia is situated in the North-Eastern horn of Africa Equidistant between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. Its area is 1,112,000 square kilometers.

Ethiopia conserves the past in the form of Exotic and beautiful monuments and ruin ones that are built centuries ago. Ethiopia’s magnificent landscape ranges from desert areas that is 117 meter below sea level (Danakil depression) one of the hottest places in the world; to the forested highlands of Siemen Mountaon Natonal park which has an elevation of 4,620 meter above sea level at the famous mountain summit, called Ras Dashen. Mount Ras Dashen is Ethiopia highest mountain peak and the fourth in Africa. Ethiopia is some times called The Roof of Africa, because there many Mountains that have an elevation above 4,000 meter above sea level. Most rivers; that are originated from Ethiopia flows down to other African countries and so that Ethiopia is named as the water tower of East Africa. Some of the river that flows out from the territory of Ethiopia is the gigantic Blue Nile, Tekeze and Wabe Shebele Rivers.

Ethiopia is the only one country that never has been colonized by European colonizers.