Simien Mountains National Park


The  Simien Mountains National Park was declared as World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1978.

In the Ethiopian plateau “The massive secular erosion has created one of the most spectacular scenery in the world with peaks, deep valleys and steep cliffs that reach 1,500 meters deep. The park is  Extremely a refuge for rare animal species like Gelada baboon, Simien fox and the Walia Ibex, a mountain goat not found anywhere else in the world. “

A few years ago it was also included in the list of World Heritage in danger because of its state of degradation by agricultural and livestock activities.

Located in the northwest of the country, 120 km north of Gondar, is known as the roof of Africa. It has peaks above 4000 m like the Buahit Ras  (4430m) and the Ras Dashen; the highest peak of Ethiopia and the fourth in Africa with 4620 m.

With at least three different botanical areas, the park is known for its diverse ecology, fauna and flora. Three of the seven major endemic mammals of Ethiopia Walia Ibex goat, gelada baboon and Simien red fox, are found here.

When we enter this impressive mountain range we can enjoy one of the most majestic landscapes of the African continent, a unique experience, not suitable for those suffering from vertigo ..