Debre Damo is the name of a flat-topped mountain, or amba, and a 6th century monastery in northern Ethiopia. There are numerous ancient churches throughout Ethiopia deployed in places with picturesque surroundings, architectural and religious pieces intriguing. The most prominent are in the region of Tigray and certainly worth visiting. The Debre-Damo is among the most prominent literary and architecturally. Situated it sits at an elevation of 2216 meters above sea level.  Was founded by Abune-Aregawe, one of the nine saints who emigrated from Syria, who was driven to the top of a hill 15 m high by a flying serpent, and he relates the legend. On this hill stood the temple. The hill climb is done today, by means of a rope operated by the monks.

Built in the sixth century Debre Damo is the oldest monastery in Ethiopia with its stone church stands. It is located 9 km north of the road to Axum &  Adigrat, about 6 km east of the city of  Bizet.