Addis Abeba


The name of Addis Ababa comes from Amharic (Ethiopian official language) and means “new flower”.

The current Ethiopian capital was founded in 1887 by Menelik II at the foot of Mount Entoto and is one of the highest capital in the world (2,500m). The place was chosen by the existence of hot springs and deforestation of ancient Ethiopian capitals.

Addis Ababa is a colorful city that offers very unique places like the Piazza and De Gaulle Square; the colonial neighborhood of Italians, Merkato; one of the largest markets in Africa or the National Museum, where we can find a replica of Lucy, the grandmother of humanity.

Among the historical buildings that we can visit are the Taitu Hotel, the oldest hotel in Ethiopia with interesting architecture and decoration, where you can eat or enjoy a coffee. It is also recommended to visit the Cathedral of Beth Georgis and Mount Entoto where we can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the city

Because of its altitude, the weather is cool at night and often is cloudy or raining.