harar mapa 1

It lies at an altitude of 1870 m and only 150 km from the border with Somalia. Harar became an important commercial center that served as a meeting point of Africa, India and the Middle East. The first European known to visit Harar was the Englishman Richard Burton in 1855. Today the city remains the spiritual center of the Ethiopian Muslim community. All this motivates you have a very special atmosphere and different from the rest of the country.

Harar’s main interest is the old walled city with a strong Muslim spirit can be seen in their homes and streets. In this area, there are some 99 mosques. The old town has a perimeter of about 3.5 km, marked by a wall of 5 m. a total of 6 doors. The home of “Rimbaud” the French poet who lived until 1880. The house of Ras Mekonen and man of the hyenas that feed on fresh meat with their own hands and mouth.