Tour Duration: 9 Days and 8 Nights.


Ethiopia is endowed with some of the most unique sites on the African continent. Today, Ethiopia boasts of more UNESCO world heritage Sites than any other country in Africa. Ethiopia conserves the past in the form of Exotic and beautiful monuments and ruin ones that are built centuries ago. Ethiopia’s magnificent landscape ranges from desert areas that is 117 meters below sea level (Danakil depression) one of the hottest places in the world; to the forested highlands of Siemen Mountaon Natonal park which has an elevation of 4,620 meter above sea level at the famous mountain summit, called Ras Dashen. Mount Ras Dashen is Ethiopia highest mountain peak and the fourth in Africa. Ethiopia is sometimes called The Roof of Africa, because there many Mountains that have an elevation above 4,000 meter above sea level. Most rivers; that are originated from Ethiopia flows down to other African countries and so that Ethiopia is named as the water tower of East Africa. Some of the river that flows out from the territory of Ethiopia is the gigantic Blue Nile, Tekeze and Wabe Shebele Rivers.


Day 1

Arrive in Addis Abeba & Meet your guide at the airport after refreshment drive to Langano in the great rift Vally, on the way we will visit Rift valley lakes. O/N Langano.

Day 2

Drive to Arba Minch.  On the way visit different tribal villages who are known for their cultivation of Enset of False Banana & visit the villages of the Dorze people who are famous for their huge Bambu huts and colorful hand-woven cotton clothes. O/N Arba Minch.

Day 3

Have a boat ride on the Rift Valley Lake of Chamo to visit the ‘Crocodile Market’ where you can see big African Crocodiles, hippos, and low land water birds. (2-3hrs) After Picnic lunch drive to Konso & Visit “New York” village, the Konsos are famous by thier tótems & making teraz to protect thier land. O/N Konso.

Day 4

Drive to Jinka and on the way visit the people of Ari, Benna and Tsemai trbal villages. (Visiting the most colorful multicultural market in the Omo Valley at Key Afer if the day is thursday – which is attended by the tribal groups of Ari, Benna, and Tsemai,) Then drive to Jinka. O/N Jinka.

Day 5

After breakfast, drive to Mursi village crossing Mago National Park. Visit the Mursi tribe in their village who are typically known for the clay lip plates of the women. Drive back to Jinka (3-4 hrs return including the visit in Mursi) after lunch drive to Turmi.  – the settlement of Hamer people. Stop off at Dimeka to visit the other interesting weekly cultural market (Saturdays) of the Hamer and the Benna people. After dinner at your hotel, you will be driven to the nearby village of the Hamer people to see the traditional dances of the Hamer people – the Evangadi Dance.  O/N Turmi.

Day 6

After Breakfast you will have an excursion to Omo Rate to visit the Dasenech people who are the southernmost known people of the country and are known for their scarifications. Drive back to Turmi. Afternoon depending on the time we can drive to visit the Karos. O/N Turmi.

Day 7

Drive Turmi to Arba Minch via Erbore, on the way Visit Erbore village then drive to Konso and Arba Minch. O/N Arba Minch.

Day 8

Drive to Awasa, to the other Rift Valley Lake, Lake Awasa on the route visit the Sidama village & sightseeing Awasa city. O/N Awasa.

Day 9

Early in Morning visit the fish market near the lake then drive to Addis and after lunch visit Addis, that includes: Museums, Monuments, Churches, Market and Mount Entoto for the panoramic view of the city then relax, shopping & evening farewell dinner in the traditional restaurant with folkloric music that you are invited by representative of KARIBU and fly back.